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Logo Maker in India: Speedy Working for Super Quick Results.

The iMedia team of Logo Designer in Pune has been in service for the last 15 years and hence is comprised of experts with the best work ethics. Everybody has a high level of proficiency and is known for their speedy working capabilities. We do not consume too much time but like to bedazzle our customers with exclusive results at a short period of time.

IMedia Solutions is a logo maker that interacts with its customers through an online portal. We create numerous logo designs and our webpage is splattered with tremendous examples of the same. Speedy working runs deep in the core of iMedia Solutions and we always aim at increasing our work efficiency to even beyond the maximum human capabilities. 

Logo Designer in Pune the Dependable Option: A Customer Service That Has All Your Answers.

If you have chosen iMedia Solution to create a logo for your agency or company then you have chosen a strong set of shoulders to rest your worries upon. iMedia Solutions has a dedicated customer service team that is always on the look-out to help troubled customers. Be it the team available through live chat, or our fascinating designers- everybody at iMedia strives to make better out of your company.

We are a logo maker online and understand the urgent demands of our customers. We know that one small failure from our side can cost the customer a lot and hence have made it a point to not fail but provide the best of services. Customers get a sense of security upon working with us because we are that reliable. Anything that the customer wants to get done, our extraordinary customer support team is there to help. Irrespective of whether it is day or night, holiday or not, someone is always waiting on the other side of the chat to listen to all your queries and provide any and all kinds of help accordingly.

Say NO to Grainy Logos and Enjoy Customization.

If you are looking for the best logo Logo Design in India or hoping to create the best logo online then iMedia Solutions is the place for you to be. We not only create super impressive logos ranging from a minimalistic to extravagant designs, but we also use such technological methods that give your logo a very high resolution. In simpler terms, the logos created by the wonderful designers at iMedia Solutions will never pixelate or become grainy irrespective of the magnification. You may demand a logo design online that reflects the feel of your institution- you can demand a restaurant logo, or maybe a wedding logo, you may be a famed photographer wanting a photography logo or a to-be food blogger looking for a food logo.

Any and all logos created by us are super flexible and can be used on a number of mediums starting from the small business cards and going all the way up to the gigantic advertisement boards and flex! We ensure that the logo will not pixelate or show any form of grainy appearance. We understand that the needs of the customer might be multi-varied and therefore work and design accordingly to give the best results. Our logos are unmatched not only in the ideas of design but also in quality. The superior quality of our logos ensures that the customers do not have to get a logo done again and again for their different needs. We wish to satisfy our customers to the greatest possible extent and it includes that they do not have to knock on our doors again and again for their ever-changing needs. Therefore, makes sure that the customers get all that they require and desire at one go by maintaining a high resolution with our logo online creation and logo design.

Impressive First Impression

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression need not be the last but it definitely leaves behind a lasting impression. In such a case, your impression should be such that everybody remembers it for the sheer masterfulness of it.

Be it a hotel logo, free logo, business logo, free logo design or a crown logo, it is mandatory that the logo shouts out something more personal than just the company’s name. A logo has to be something that silently interacts with customers and potential customers, asking the former to visit again for their changing needs, and the latter to visit as the agency can fulfil their needs. It is indeed a powerful tool that is meant to call out to different customers and hold their attention. Moreover, it is a personification of what a company stands for and what it has to offer. It displays the core values of the company and also shows off the mission that the company has set for itself. In short, a logo is the company’s personality that has been given a form by a logo maker. Since a logo is so important for a company it should be very carefully crafted. It should be simplistic when the need is, and magnificent when called for. At iMedia Solutions Logo Designer in Pune, the creative experts and expert designers, the logo makers understand the power of a logo. We understand that a logo is not just a pictorial representation but much more than that and hence tailor logos accordingly for our customers. It’s not just a perfect logo design online that the logo maker designs for the customer but an experience that the user shares through his company. This logo maker online aims at touching hearts!

iMedia Solutions create more than a logo, it creates an emotion that transcends all barriers and reaches out to the onlooker’s heart. 

From Any Industry to Anybody: A Logo Design for All

The world is filled with a plethora of industries. From furniture to automobile, from food and restaurants to travel and hotels, from weddings organizers to real estate dealers, there are just so many industries or agencies in this world. Every agency has its own individual of product to offer and hence requires a unique logo for them. At iMedia Solutions, we provide tailor-made logo design to anybody, from any corner of the world, belonging to any agency, industry or discipline, irrespective of their trade!

iMedia Solutions started off in 2004 and has an experience of over 15 years of dealing with various agencies. Plus, it is hailed as one of the best logo makers. Its team comprises of over 25 expert designers along with others who are always available to help these brilliant designers in their endeavour. With such an experienced and vibrant team, it is never a problem to come up with the most innovative ideas for company logo designs. Brainstorming sessions are a daily exercise for everybody at iMedia and we come up with the best-suited logo for your organization. If you are having doubts about our efficiency then you can browse through the multiple logo design online that we have uploaded to our website. Be it a creative logo or a business logo, a company logo design or a brand logo, we always have your back. We are the most impressive logo maker online and ensure that a minimum of 4 to 8 persons work upon your project including a brilliant designer and a skilful coordinator. Just share your thoughts and mark your trade to get the most innovative and captivating logo prepared for your agency, industry or business- it will someday become an icon for the brand that you are going to be. You have all the liberty to choose your logo and spread the word for your business through our logos. 

Your OWN Logo, Your OWN Rights!

We create, you own- that is the policy here at iMedia. Our brilliant logo designers will create amazing logos for you, and once finalized, all copyright is given to you and your agency. Once you procure the logo from us, you have all the rights to do whatsoever you deem fit with the logo.

We are just a team of logo maker in India and nothing. We do not own the logos that we create for you and make you and your company the sole owners of the logo. It is very important that you own the logo you are using. The logo is used in a multitude of ways- wherever the company name appears; it is accompanied by the logo. For brands, the name need not even appear, the logo is the supreme feature to transcend a brand. From the visiting cards to the advertisements, from the letterheads to the mail body, from the large flex advertisements scattered in the streets to utilizing the logo on your products, if the logo is not your exclusive property, you will have to obtain separate permissions for every different aspect of use. However, with iMedia, you get full access to your logo design in India to do whatever you feel right with it.

Now you do not have to go through all the hassle to get copyright access every time you are launching a new product. This ensures that the logo does not come with a watermark showing our name. Plus, there can be no legal actions against you and hence a completely hassle-free path to growth for your company. Make use of the logo to the fullest and get your brand ready for the world with the most impressive logo, that only you can claim to own! 

Support Comes Alive with iMedia

If you are looking for the best logo maker in India then iMedia is the place for you. However, that is not all. We not only design the most amazing logo for you that exudes a sophisticated feel but continue to help you with ways to utilize it. Our support team is active 24x7. Irrespective of weather is early morning or late into the night; irrespective of whether it is a rainy day or a holiday, our customer support team is always available online.

iMedia has different sections with different sets of personnel that cater to different needs. With teams of designers, we provide you with lovely designs for logos suitable for your company profile. With a team of copyright lawyers, we make sure that you get the sole rights to use your logo in any way deemed fit by you. We have teams of creative experts and content writers who take upon various projects for your company to make it's working easier. Our printing experts make it a point to give you logos that never pixelate or grain out whereas our web designers can create and maintain the most engaging website for your company. With so many different service options for our customers, our support indeed comes alive. The online platform further ensures that any and all help be provided to the needy even at a moment’s notice.

All that one needs to do is drop in a quick message at our online chat facility which is always open. One from our dedicated customer service team will immediately make contact and try to help you get over your query or problem. We also provide free services for a minimum period of 7 days up to a maximum of 30 days depending upon the plan you choose to partake.

The “Save” Option: Less Time and Less Money 

If you opt for iMedia as your logo designer in Pune, then you are choosing an option that helps you to save a lot! The most primary of all this is the money and time that you can save. iMedia solutions give different plans to the users to depending upon the type of business enterprise they are running and each of them comes with its share of benefits. The Standard Plan is lovely for small businesses, start-ups and even entrepreneurs whereas huge business enterprises can go for the Executive Plan which is a whole executive package catering to various needs of a huge company.

iMedia, the logo maker is sure to take a maximum period of 24-48 hours to provide you with a design for your logo. We also distribute at least 4 sample logos with our Standard plan which goes up to 6, 8 and 10 with our Ultimate, Developer and Executive plans. Providing a choice among many ensures speedy approval of logo designs among the clients as they have a readily available second opinion if they dislike the first one. This is a major saver of time.

The services provided by iMedia also come in packages and they strive to pack together various utilities. WhatsApp status ads, LinkedIn, Facebook and all other social media ads can be generated by iMedia under the 4 different plans. They also produce customized templates from letterheads and presentations for the company or agency. Dedicated designers are put into the projects that cater to all needs of modification from the clients. Images that are based upon a number of formats are created by iMedia within the package. Media that is compatible with printing, video and even animation are inclusive under the various packages. All in all, iMedia offers a plethora of services within each plan and not only a logo maker in India. All these services and perks are included in the affordable packages that iMedia provides thus saving up on your money too!


The story of how an idea becomes a brand is the same as the story of the logo becoming a brand.

Logo Maker in India: An idea is all it takes to create a brand. An idea creeps up which is turned into a start-up or an opportunity at entrepreneurship. And there starts the walk towards becoming a brand one day. One thing that closely follows this tale of converting an idea into a brand is the use of a logo. In time, the logo is the most associated factor that is tied to the brand- in time the logo becomes the brand.

The story of how an idea becomes a brand?  Logo Design in India is the same as the story of the logo becoming a brand. The logo is designed from the ideas that lead to the establishment of a company. The logo designer in Pune, therefore, can be called off as the incarnation of the feel and ideals that a company upholds. In fact, the logo creator is the person or designer who collects the ideology behind the company from the client and finally ends up giving shape to that idea. The job of the logo creator is to generate such a pictorial representation that is immediately attractive and leaves a lasting impression.

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